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“Stretch ceilings” —  what is that and what's it for?

        With the advent of stretch ceilings and fake windows, new horizons have opened for architects and designers for the realization of their ideas. The French are considered trendsetters in modern stretch ceilings, although they originated in Sweden. For over 30 years, they were successfully used for interior design decoration in Central and Eastern Europe. Stretch ceilings come in a matte texture (leather, suede, satin) as well as in a single color. They combine aesthetic beauty and reliability, and the manufacturer guarantees at least 10-year long service.


       An analysis of architectural finishes of the past indicates how important of an element the ceiling was for architecture and interior design. It was decorated with writings, stucco, paintings, and also fabrics (gobelins).  Nowadays, professionals in the field of interior decoration have decided to restore these good old traditions, but with the help of modern high-tech materials.
         For instance, in the present time you can prettify a ceiling using fabric with a printed picture, 16' in width and    150' in length with no joints or seams (clouded blue sky ceiling for example).  It is now possible to visually raise a ceiling by 2 times with glossy stretch film, or create an illusion of expanding dimensions of interior area using a "fake window" (see portfolio ), regardless of its purpose. Our customers, who have ordered such picture on the entire wall, are now able to enjoy beautiful Hawaiian views of ocean and palm beaches without leaving their home.
      Here is another aspect which I would like to draw attention to. In recent times, home theaters are gaining popularity, and are constructed by interior designers not only in Vancouver, but throughout Canada, mostly in basements. We propose decorating the ceiling or possibly even the walls using stretchy material with sound-absorbing properties.
        In conclusion, it can be said that our customers (clients) have a variety choice of materials and technologies in order to realize their boldest ideas and imagination. The main goal of our work is for them to be completely satisfied.

                                                                     Dreams come true!