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• lasts up to 30 years
                                                                                                    • ideally smooth surface up to 196" wide without cracks,
  joints or seams

• ecologically friendly, fire safe

• very light material featuring antistatic qualities and
  does not collect dust

• micro-perforating structure providing circulation of air

• very durable and strong material, resistant to mechanical wear            and  tear, able to hold water volumes up to 100 kg/10 sq. ft. 

• can stand environmental effects (temp. from -40° to +80°C, high       humidity and dryness)

• wide variety of pictures for printing or colors and shades available.

• allows to install backlight system and wide variety of lights

• short installation time (1-3 days)



Seamless stretch ceilings
and fake windows

the newest alternative to traditional ceiling
decoration methods, applied effectively for
luxurious interior designs for different
types of premises.

Seamless stretch ceilings

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