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     Since 2002 our company began its operation with decorating ceiling using French "glossy stretch film", which became popular in Europe 10 years   after the birth of this technology in France – its historic homeland.  In the course  of 6 years, we have gained good experience and completed  more than 120 projects with varying levels of complexity.                                                                   

     Along with the stretch film, our company developed and began to use another type of technology - "stretch fabric and fake windows" with a pattern and backlighting (sky with clouds for example).


   Continuing our work with stretch ceilings in Canada, Vancouver, we have started widely use from 2010 the "sky of stars" system. This system is  a real exclusive and enjoys great popularity due to its aesthetic beauty and reliability.               Throughout the history of our company, we closely co-operated with various specialists in the field of design and planning, implementing their creative ideas into our projects. We are certain that these new technologies will very soon be widely spoken of in Vancouver and other cities.


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